Lumos Customer Profile: Roanoke College

Our latest network customization case study is now in the Customer Profiles section of our site. We talked to Rebecca Sandlin, Chief Information Officer at Roanoke College.

This case study shows how taking a partnership approach to creating a custom fiber network resulted in savings for Roanoke. Rebecca comments: “One of the challenges was increasing our bandwidth with fixed budgets. We worked with Lumos to come up with a creative way to increase our bandwidth without increasing the cost proportionately.”

The customer profile also highlights how device proliferation and the Netflix effect have created higher network bandwidth needs: “Students required more and more bandwidth to do their studies, to do all their research and to provide the applications that actually make college fun like Netflix,” says Lumos Sales Manager Dan Overstreet .

Other issues covered include the need for networks to handle the increased use of educational and cloud-based technology and why system downtime must be eliminated: “The internet had become just like electricity – people immediately noticed if it wasn’t there,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca speaks highly of her interactions with the Lumos sales team. “It’s not just about the sale. They are bright people, good listeners, and I always feel like together we work as true partners.”

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Lumos Customer Profile: Liberty University

There’s a new network customization case study on our website. This time we talk to Liberty University about meeting the challenge of growth and changes in educational delivery.

For this customer profile, we interviewed Matt Fleming, Liberty’s Manager of Network Services and Tirian Wilson, the university’s Lead Voice Engineer. They were very positive about the experience of working with Lumos Networks.

“What I like most about working with Lumos is accessibility. We have access to our sales rep and other people in the company, and we’re able to call whoever we need. We typically get a very fast response,” says Matt.

Issues covered in the interview include:

  • How bottlenecks affected the bottom line prior to the installation of Lumos services
  • The need for flexibility in delivering and managing voice services
  • How course delivery is changing and the impact of that change on network needs.

The profile also considers the importance of disaster preparedness and network uptime: “I think it’s paramount to what we do every day. From the students demanding Netflix and Hulu, to the online population being able to come in and utilize the tools they need to take their courses and communicate with the professors and counselors, it’s critical to the school,” says Matt.

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Lumos Customer Profile: Horizon Behavioral Health

We’ve just added a new network customization customer story and video to our website. This time long standing customer Horizon Behavioral Health is in the spotlight.

With healthcare increasingly going digital, bandwidth is a key issue for healthcare providers.

We interviewed Rob Viohl, IT Director at Horizon about:

  • the need for speed and reliability in a modern healthcare network
  • the importance of technology in improving patient care
  • how Horizon’s custom network has enabled them to deliver healthcare innovation

Rob points out how important it is to be able to handle increasing amounts of data (Horizon has already more than doubled the speed of on fiber site) and to have a reliable network. This, he says, is one area where Lumos really delivers: “Our uptime availability with Lumos is 99%.”

He adds that a fast, secure network is crucial: “We provide services to the healthcare community and our clients in the six localities that we serve. It’s extremely important to Horizon management to have the capacity to provide those services behind the scenes so that we are there for our clients when they need us.”

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