All I Want for Christmas is … More Bandwidth

Whatever you are doing for the holidays, there’s one thing that’s sure to be on everyone’s wish list: more network bandwidth.

Think about it.

Changes in the way people work, learn and play mean that networks have to carry more data traffic. At work, you’re likely to be video-conferencing and video calling and you’ve probably attended – or even run – at least a couple of online webinars in the past year. We also know from talking to our customers that streaming video is now a key part of learning delivery. Then there’s Netflix, which is being used both in education and at home. With both Amazon and YouTube entering the streaming video market, it’s going to be even more important.

It’s not just about streaming video. Check around your office, you will find that compared with a couple of years ago, you are using more cloud-based applications. Office, calendar and customer relationship management (CRM) applications are popular, and there are probably others related to your niche. Then there are the cloud backup and disaster recovery applications that keep your business data secure.

The increased use of these technologies means one thing. If you want your internal users to have the same seamless experience they now take for granted at home, then you need more bandwidth. A lot more bandwidth.

That requirement is only going to grow as the numbers of devices needing network connectivity increase. Cisco predicts that network mobile data traffic will surpass 15 exabytes in the next five years, most of that from smartphones and tablets. Another Cisco forecast suggests that by 2018 there will be twice as many connected devices as people and broadband speeds will triple.

The question is: is your network ready?

No-one can say exactly how much bandwidth is enough. HD video is now common and that’s likely to increase bandwidth needs even more. However, that’s not the only issue. As Ars Technica points out, it’s not enough to have the bandwidth; you also have to know how to use it appropriately. That’s where prioritizing network through Quality of Service guidelines becomes important. Ask us how Lumos can help you create a customized network configuration to give you the bandwidth you need when you need it.

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