Lumos Customer Profile: Roanoke College

Our latest network customization case study is now in the Customer Profiles section of our site. We talked to Rebecca Sandlin, Chief Information Officer at Roanoke College.

This case study shows how taking a partnership approach to creating a custom fiber network resulted in savings for Roanoke. Rebecca comments: “One of the challenges was increasing our bandwidth with fixed budgets. We worked with Lumos to come up with a creative way to increase our bandwidth without increasing the cost proportionately.”

The customer profile also highlights how device proliferation and the Netflix effect have created higher network bandwidth needs: “Students required more and more bandwidth to do their studies, to do all their research and to provide the applications that actually make college fun like Netflix,” says Lumos Sales Manager Dan Overstreet .

Other issues covered include the need for networks to handle the increased use of educational and cloud-based technology and why system downtime must be eliminated: “The internet had become just like electricity – people immediately noticed if it wasn’t there,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca speaks highly of her interactions with the Lumos sales team. “It’s not just about the sale. They are bright people, good listeners, and I always feel like together we work as true partners.”

Find out how Lumos Networks customized a solution for Roanoke College in Beating the Bandwidth Boom at Roanoke College.

Learn more about changing technology in educational institutions in Customizing the Education Network of the Future

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