Stories You May Have Missed: Lumos Industry Roundup November 2014

What’s happened in the past month that might affect the network industry? Here are some of the stories Lumos insiders took a second look at over the past month. This month’s roundup includes stories on fiber networks, cloud computing, cybersecurity and more.

Fiber Networks

1. Fiber is the future of the net, say firms in Arkansas. You won’t get any argument from us here at Lumos. In areas of the state that previously didn’t have internet service, fiber is now the popular choice for getting service to them. That’s given some areas access to gigabit internet. It makes sense: in the future more people will want this kind of speed. Read the full article: Arkansas firms look at fiber as Net’s future.

Learn more about fiber networks: What is Fiber Optic Broadband?

Cloud Computing

2. According to Cisco, 76% of the network traffic passing through data centers will be cloud based in the next four years. Growth is scheduled to be at least 23% per year. SaaS traffic will increase while PaaS and IaaS will decline says Cisco. The report looks ahead to the amount of traffic that the Internet of Everything will bring, predicting that this will be 47 times higher than the total data center traffic by 2018. Our take: if you think bandwidth needs are huge now, just wait – you’ll need even more robust networks by 2018! Check out Cisco’s Global Cloud Index for more information and read the full analysis on Forbes: Cloud Soon to Represent Three-Quarters Of Data Center Traffic, Cisco Predicts

Learn more about cloud computing: The Era of Cloud Computing


3. Symantec says that even if you have an enterprise security plan in place, regular review is essential. For us, the points about having a holistic view of the network so you can monitor for both known threats and anomalies makes a lot of sense. And, as we’ve said before, making sure employees are aware is key. Read the full article: 5 Ways To Reinforce Your Company’s Cybersecurity Program Today.

4. Federal department CIOs are most concerned about cyber security for the coming year. They plan to look at risk assessment, governance and funding for government’s digital systems. Another area to target is planning for responsiveness to threats. Cloud services and resource consolidation are other priorities. With everything going digital, this is one area no-one can afford to ignore. Read the full article: State CIOs List Security as Top Priority for 2015.

Learn more about cybersecurity: Cybersecurity 101

Big Data

5. Big data is only useful if you can get actionable insights from it. This Forbes article outlines some of the issues that show the failings of big data. It also indicates the need for storage and analytics. Read the full article: What To Do When Your Big Data Isn’t Big Enough.

6. Related to this, the Wistia blog explains some of the pitfalls of data driven marketing, urging that we see data as one aspect of informing decisions. It’s also important to be critical of data and to be aware that even data points that are hard to measure are important in doing analysis. Read the full article: The Dangers of Data Informed Marketing.

Learn more about big data: Big Data 101

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