Why Internet Access is Like Electricity [Quiz]

Does your network provide the fast, robust web connectivity your customers expect? You only have to look around anytime people can’t get access to the Internet to see the incredulity and frustration on their faces.

Roanoke College’s Chief Information Officer, Rebecca Sandlin, makes a very important point:

“When we started to have growing pains with our Internet service, the first thing that happened is everyone realized how much we needed Internet access. It had somehow become just like electricity where people noticed immediately if it wasn’t there. It had an emotional impact because not everybody had realized how serious it would be if we didn’t have the Internet that we needed.”

How would you cope if you couldn’t get online for a day? Take this fun 5-question quiz to see how you would manage:

Quiz: Could You Cope Without Internet Access?

  1. The Internet is down when you wake up and your 3G/4G/LTE connection isn’t working either, so you can’t do an early morning email check and respond to any messages that came in overnight. Do you:
    1. Have another half hour in bed?
    2. Get up and rush to the office because you are paranoid about what you might miss?
  2. It’s breakfast time, and there’s still no access, so you can’t dip into social networks and news sites while you eat. Do you:
    1. Actually eat breakfast?
    2. Skip breakfast to get to the office where you’re pretty sure the Internet is working?
  3. En route, you still don’t have Internet, so there’s no chance to watch some streaming video or download and listen to a podcast during your journey. Do you:
    1. Have a conversation with someone on the subway?
    2. Moan about the missing access all the way to the office?
  4. Sadly, when you get to the office the Internet is down there, too. Do you:
    1. Work on documents offline, hoping it will be back soon?
    2. Have a meltdown because you can’t do that crucial research you were planning to finish before your ten o’clock meeting?
  5. It’s afternoon, and you have a Skype conference scheduled, which now can’t take place. Do you:
    1. Try to remember how you did conference calls BEFORE Skype?
    2. Lose it completely and go home in a terrible mood?

Check Your Score

If you answered all As, you’ll achieve something during the day, but not as much as you’d planned.

If you answered all Bs, you would be totally lost without Internet access and are hoping this will turn out to be a nightmare and you’ll soon wake up.

What This Means for your Network

Luckily, that’s not something most of us have to think about. In the US, 87% of the population has Internet access (compared with less than 2% in some parts of the world). That’s probably why we now take constant network connectivity for granted, both at work and at home, so that we can always get online. When it’s not there, we get as upset as if the lights go out.

That’s also why businesses need to make sure their networks are robust enough to meet the challenge of these expectations. Ask us how Lumos can help.

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