Lumos Customer Profile: Horizon Behavioral Health

We’ve just added a new network customization customer story and video to our website. This time long standing customer Horizon Behavioral Health is in the spotlight.

With healthcare increasingly going digital, bandwidth is a key issue for healthcare providers.

We interviewed Rob Viohl, IT Director at Horizon about:

  • the need for speed and reliability in a modern healthcare network
  • the importance of technology in improving patient care
  • how Horizon’s custom network has enabled them to deliver healthcare innovation

Rob points out how important it is to be able to handle increasing amounts of data (Horizon has already more than doubled the speed of on fiber site) and to have a reliable network. This, he says, is one area where Lumos really delivers: “Our uptime availability with Lumos is 99%.”

He adds that a fast, secure network is crucial: “We provide services to the healthcare community and our clients in the six localities that we serve. It’s extremely important to Horizon management to have the capacity to provide those services behind the scenes so that we are there for our clients when they need us.”

Learn more about network lank”customization in the healthcare sector in Lumos Enables Healthcare Innovation at Horizon Behavioral Health and find out more about the technological future of healthcare institutions in Customizing the Healthcare Network of the Future.

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