Big Data and Your Network: It’s Not Just About the Numbers

When we talk about big data, we often get caught up in the numbers – petabytes, zettabytes, yottabytes and other numbers so huge that it’s hard to grasp exactly what they represent. This “data storage alphabet soup” reflects the mind-blowing amount of information that’s crossing networks and being processed. It’s coming from web, mobile and social interactions, as well as shopping, buying gas and other tasks we do daily. In other words, big data is generated by people doing stuff.

How Big Data Helps People

Here’s another point: big data is not important for its own sake, but for its potential to help others. Think about it: when you customize your network to handle more data, it’s so the people you serve have a better experience.

For example, in the healthcare field where one of our clients says “data is everything”, big data is useful because it gives medical staff the information they need to make diagnoses and get people into treatment and care faster. It can even reduce the number of ER visits, says one case study.

And in education, where there’s now a lot of online course delivery, the data educational institutions process can help them tweak what they offer to deliver more value to students and faculty. Those are just two sectors, but big data is driving change in almost every area.

Big Data and Network Customization

That’s why customizing your network is not just about being able to carry growing amounts of data; it’s also about enabling businesses to use that data to serve their customers.

If you’re customizing a network with that goal in mind, you’ll need to include enough network capacity to run the applications – which are probably cloud-based – that will turn the unstructured information you have collected into useful insights. And since you need to keep that information somewhere, consider including data storage or a colocation center as a crucial network component.

The big data revolution is here and it’s not going away. Using insights to serve customers better is good business. In the near future, people will generate even more data as mobile device usage becomes more widespread and wearable computers become the norm.

That’s why now’s the time to customize your network so you can ride the big data wave and connect more with the people you want to serve. Ask Lumos how we can help.

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