Lumos Customer Profile: West Virginia Bankers’ Association

We recently added another network customization case study to our website. This time the spotlight is on the West Virginia Bankers Association (WVBA) and their take on how custom networks can help them address some of the issues that banks face in today’s stringent regulatory environment.

We interviewed Joe Ellison, President/CEO and Terri Conway, Director of IT and Communications. Issues covered included regulatory compliance for both banks and the vendors who supply their technology. Terri points out that the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is “probably one of the most complex pieces of legislation to come down the pike in terms of regulatory compliance for banks. They have to seriously up their game.”

Because of this, the WVBA was particularly concerned with network speed and security at the right budget, which Terri described as a challenge for an association the size of the WVBA. The interview also looked at the importance of partnership and the need for disaster recovery in banking.

There was another issue too: making sure the CEO could connect to the network remotely and securely while reducing the number of support calls he made to the IT department.

Find out how Lumos was able to deliver a customized network that resulted in this testimonial from Terri Conway: “Having a secure, stable end-to-end connection lets me get my job done better, faster, more efficiently.”

Banking on Customization: Building a Future Proof Network for the WVBA also includes a video.

Learn more about the technological issues facing banks in Banking on a Future-Proof Network.

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