Is Your Network Like a Moody Teenager?

Network latency – it’s something that has many IT engineers tearing their hair out. While they can measure what’s happening on the network in milliseconds and quantity of data throughput, end users will only know that there’s an unacceptable delay in getting things done – and that’ s not good for business.

The increased use of video for meetings, online training and leisure activities, and the widespread use of mobile devices for accessing business networks, means those networks have to do even more. You just never know how much bandwidth video will take up. As the WildPackets blog says, it’s like a teenager – it takes up space, has unpredictable packet sizes and is very sensitive to latency.

Even here at Lumos, we now need much more bandwidth than we did five years, three years or even one year ago. It’s the same for our customers. Some of our customers have upgraded, only to have to increase network throughput again within 18 months. If they don’t then users complain.

Network Latency and Your Business

Our banking customers measure latency even more finely than others, because infinitesimal delays of even a microsecond in data transmission could turn into a costly financial hit. In healthcare, patient care can suffer if it takes too long for healthcare records and test results to get to the medical staff who most need to see them. And in schools and colleges, online delivery of instruction, coursework and assignments can’t happen if the network is slow or unreliable. Slow networks equals dissatisfied customers and lost business, and even when you increase bandwidth to bolster one part of the network, another part may suffer.

What’s the answer? Apart from future proofing your network and trying new network optimization strategies till everything works perfectly, another option is Quality of Service (QoS). That’s a system that gives you guaranteed minimum levels of network performance by separating your data traffic into several streams so that the most critical data packets always take priority. That ensures that you don’t lose money because of latency.

Find out how Lumos can help.

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