Stories You May Have Missed: Lumos Industry Roundup October 2014

It’s time for another roundup of news from the network industry, looking at issues you have to consider when creating your custom network. Big data and the increased use of cloud computing are two of the reasons you constantly need more network bandwidth and keeping data secure has become crucial in this environment. Enjoy this month’s compilation.

Big Data

1. Retrieving Ageing Data
On the Iron Mountain Blog, Joe Schloesser highlights a problem many businesses face: losing access to old data as they shift to modern data backup methods, which is something to think about if you’re contemplating a switch to data center backup. He shows how companies can get access to ageing data as well as the latest information. Read the full article: Trapped in a Bad (Data) Relationship?

2. Big Data Expert Habits
An article on Forbes highlights seven practices of effective big data users. These include keeping an open mind both about data and about the tools used to analyze it. The author also urges the use of big picture thinking when tackling data analysis. Read the full article: The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Big Data Users
Learn more about big data: Eight big data myths that need busting

Data Security

3. Data Protection Case Study
It’s back to the Iron Mountain blog for an article highlighting the issues raised by the iCloud hack (and there have been a couple of other prominent hacks since then). The article briefly outlines some ways companies can protect themselves. When creating your custom network, this gives food for thought. Read the full article: The Importance of Data Protection: a Real-World Example

4. Preventing Data Breaches
Latisys outlines different types of data breaches and common entry points, but suggests that most of these are preventable. The article briefly outlines some actions to take to improve data security. Read the full article: Does Your Enterprise Need Managed IT Security?
Learn more about data security: What is a Data Breach?

Cloud Computing

5. Minimizing Cloud Risks
On IT World Canada, Jeremy Page discusses the importance of risk management in cloud computing. He highlights the the thirst for knowledge about the cloud and shows that talking about data sovereignty is not enough unless providers also address the risks. Read the full article: Understanding cloud computing’s risk

6. 7 Questions about the Cloud
An article on The Next Web outlines seven areas that companies must consider when thinking about a move to the cloud. These include geography, connectivity (including important network issues like redundancy), service and support, control, security, flexibility and cost and environmental impact. Read the full article: The sky is falling: Is cloud computing right for your business?
Learn more about cloud computing: Where does the enterprise stand with open source cloud computing?

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