Why It Pays to Right Size Your Network (and how to do it)

Here at Lumos we’re always talking about the importance of network customization – having your network exactly the way that you need and want it. And one of our core principles is that businesses need to right-size their network rather than just by an off-the-rack solution. It’s like getting handmade clothes and shoes – with a custom network, the business fit is a whole lot better.

There’s no denying that an off-the-rack network solution can seem convenient and quick. But let’s go back to the clothing analogy for a minute – “one size fits all” is often “one size fits none”. In other words, nobody gets to be completely happy. Why would you want that for your network solution? Why settle for just OK when you could have pretty near perfect?

How to Get the Perfect Network Fit

Instead of going for off-the-rack, choose a network solution that fits your business like a tailored suit. Here’s how you do that:

1. Assess your current bandwidth and network requirements

  • Assess the kind of traffic your network has to carry. You might have heavy voice traffic, or want to do a lot of video conferencing, or have other business needs.
  • Consider how important network speed is and whether latency is a big issue for you. In some businesses, a couple of milliseconds’ delay in data transfer may not matter. In others, it could be costly.
  • Think about external traffic, too. Will employees and customers connect regularly via mobile devices to access company data or complete business transactions? Do you need to share data with customers?

2. Plan for the future

More and more people are using mobile and cloud applications. If you haven’t done so yet, you soon will. That means your network must be right-sized to cope with cloud infrastructure, platforms and software applications. These will streamline your business, but your network has to be ready. Project what your needs will be in the medium and long term, taking into account any plans for network expansion. If you’re going to add locations to your current network, you need to know that it’s future-proof.

Benefits and Bandwidth

The good thing about this approach is that you can keep business costs down. Let’s face it, with an off-the-rack solution you pay for every part of it, whether you are using it or not. Take the right-size approach, on the other hand, and you pay for the bandwidth you need when you need it.

Many businesses worry about what happens if they get a sudden spike in network traffic. With the right provider, that shouldn’t be a problem. Not only should your custom network be right for current needs, but it should be burstable (able to cope with occasional or expected spikes in network traffic) and scalable (able to be expanded the minute you have a regular need for increased bandwidth).

That’s true flexibility – why would you want your network any other way?

Contact Lumos today so you can customize your network, your way!

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