Creating a Custom Network? Don’t Neglect Online Backup

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you need to have a custom fiber network to ensure that you have the service and bandwidth you want to streamline internal and external communications, handle data, voice and video traffic and run cloud applications, infrastructure and platforms. But once your network is in place, your second major consideration is how to protect the data that is the lifeblood of your business. Failure to do this has serious financial and operational implications.

Network Backup – What You Need to Think About

As a business, you need to address this issue on several levels. In particular, you must think about online backup both from the viewpoint of protecting your network as a whole and in relation to individual users. From a network point of view, a key move is ensuring that there is redundancy built into the network so that business operations can continue as normal no matter what happens.

That may mean assessing the need for a colocation facility. This allows you to store data away from your main facility and also gives you room for expansion. Having your servers mirrored in an external facility means it is simple to make that the main base of operations if something happens at your main location. Most data centers are designed to be virtually disaster-proof and extremely secure, providing peace of mind at all times. After natural disasters, it’s the businesses that have this kind of backup in place that can be back to normal operations the quickest.

Another important consideration is the extent to which your network service provider and data center provider can meet any regulatory requirements relating to data security and storage. This is a must to ensure you are always in compliance with the rules.

The widespread use of cloud applications means that cloud service providers may also be backing up some of your business and customer data. It’s essential to check their service level agreements for data backup so you know if you are covered.

5 Tips for Business Online Backup

Beyond that, it’s important to have a backup solution that works for every day use. Whether that’s a cloud or a desktop application, here are five areas to look at.

  1. Your backup solution must be easy to set up, whether by adding new users to cloud applications or installing and configuring it on company-wide networks or individual computers.
  2. The online backup solution should be customizable. Every business is different and you may need to configure specific options that meet your needs.
  3. It must be automatic, so that users don’t need to get involved and your data is backed up no matter what.
  4. Ideally, the application should avoid hogging network resources. You need that bandwidth for other things.
  5. Like your network, the online backup solution should be scalable, growing as you handle more business data. You don’t want to have to change backup providers because you run out of space.

Finally, don’t wait till there’s a problem to find out if your backup works. The only way to know for sure is to test it. Make sure you can flick a switch to operate from your colocation facility and try restoring files from the online backup of your data.

Ask us about colocation and network redundancy to protect your business.

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