Lumos Industry News Roundup September 2014

Welcome to another installment of fiber network industry news. If you’re creating a custom network, you’re certainly thinking about the bandwidth you need for cloud apps, network virtualization and the need to secure your data – and you’re not the only one. These are key issues for fiber networks, which is why they appear in this month’s roundup.

Cloud Computing

1. Strategic Cloud Adoption

We start off the month with an article by Joe McKendrick on Forbes. He describes the direction of cloud computing as “strategic and very hybrid”. The article highlights the results of a survey that shows that business has adopted infrastructure, platform and software as a service in large numbers. They are also getting more strategic about cloud adoption. And enterprises are predicting a 44% increase in the use of the hybrid cloud over the next five years. We believe This has huge implications for the amount of data your network will have to handle in the future. Read the full article: Cloud’s Direction Is Very Strategic And Very Hybrid, Survey Shows

2. A Greener Cloud?

David Howell asks whether cloud computing can stay green in an article on Tech Radar. He interviews Peter Hopton of Iceotope and discusses the need to consider environmental issues when siting and creating data centers. However he cautions that the term green is a dirty word for those in that market and it is better to consider the issue of sustainability. Read the full article: Can cloud computing stay green?

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3. Benefits of Fiber

Bucknell University has published an article on the benefits of fiber optics. It highlights the advantages of a high speed network for education for enabling live video conferencing, distributed teaching and learning and virtual teaching and learning resources. We agree, as our recent post on a customized education network shows. Read the full article: The Benefits of Fiber (Optics).

4. SDN Reality Check

Overall network world, Jim Metzler gives a reality check on SDN. He outlines the complication of having several available SDN solutions and highlights four types of consumers of SDN services. These include hyperscale shops, network service providers, large financial institutions and everyone else. The article also outlines options for evaluating SDN services. These have implications for areas such as network control and virtualization. Read the full article: SDN and Network Virtualization: A Reality Check

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Data Security

5. Too Much Security?

Worried about data security on your network? Wayne Rash of E-week does a follow-up to the iCloud hacking story where he points out what companies like Apple could do to enhance security. However, he warns of the danger of nullifying the usefulness of instant backup services by adding too much security before they can be used. He gives another couple of tips on a middle ground. Read the full article: Overloading Cloud Services With Security Fixes Defeats Their Purpose

6. Challenges for Cloud Players

Cloud Computing Intelligence says fears about cloud security are overemphasized and overhyped. It cites research from the Cloud Industry Forum that says that only 2% of cloud users in the UK have had a data breach. That’s in sharp contrast to the 61% of users who consider data security an issue. It shows that the big challenge for cloud players is the uncertainty and the need to deal with people’s perceptions. Read the full article: Cloud security fears are over-emphasized and over-hyped.

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Also Read

To wrap up this month’s roundup, here are some other interesting reads that caught our eye:

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